Rachel Davidowitz is a scientific illustrator and animator. She completed her Ph.D. in Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School in 2013.

She has worked on projects for clients including Harvard Medical School, Dr. Dennis Thiele at Duke University, the Journal of Molecular Biology, the Journal of Clinical Investigation, and MediVisuals, Inc. While working at Digizyme, inc. she completed projects for the Boston Museum of Science and Apple's interactive Biology textbook E.O. Wilson's LIfe on Earth, and Cell Signaling Technology.

Rachel is also an instructor for, a platform for scientific visualization training. You can find some of her courses here:

The Making of Apoptosome
Controlling and Simulating 3D Fluids
Advanced iBook Widget Design with Maya nDynamics
From Structural Data to 3D animation Software

You can download a copy of her CV here: Rachel Davidowitz, PhD CV 2016